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Interested Club Sports Members Physical Process

Step 1: Call Student Health (252) 328 – 6793 to request to be scheduled for a club sport physical. 

Step 2: Complete the Health History form that is sent to you MyPirate Chart.

Step 3: Call Student Health and once the form is completed you are ready to be scheduled for an in-person examination.

Step 4: Student Health staff will electronically route the physical to the Athletic Training staff to be reviewed.

Step 5: Request to join the club sport of interest on IM Leagues and wait for the CRW Athletic Training staff to review and approve your physical and request to join the club. Click here for the video with instructions on “How to join a Club Sport”

Club Sport Driving Quiz CLICK HERE

The Club Sports Program is designed to promote and develop the interests and skills of individuals in different sports or recreational activities. The program emphasizes student leadership and the development of a sense of community while providing fun and enjoyable activities. In addition, we strive to celebrate the diversity of our participants, allowing the club sports program to function as an out-of-classroom experience reflective of the multicultural environment in which we live, work and play.

For more information on the Club Sports Program email

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Cross Country & Track
Weightlifting (Olympic Style)

*Denotes a Requesting Club