Personal Training

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The first step to begin Personal Training is to purchase the Smart Start Package.  

When you start, you will meet with a certified personal trainer for a total of 6 sessions which will include: 

  • Initial consultation and evaluation
  • Fitness assessment + Styku3D Body Scan 
  • Program design and 4 structured exercise sessions
  • Guidance on continuing your personal training journey

Use the following button to register for the Smart Start Package or any Personal Training Service. You can also register in person at the Eakin Student Recreation Center Main Office or Health Sciences Campus Student Center Customer Service Desk.

Click here to register for Personal Training Services

Now Offering: Online Personal Training!

Online personal training is now available for those looking to have individualized guidance from a personal trainer still but would like flexibility in when they workout. All online personal training offerings include: 

  • Initial video consultation and evaluation
  • Weekly exercise programming
  • Up to an hour of video communication weekly
  • Regular text communication 

To get started, you can select from one of two options based on which is the best fit for you. These two options are either to purchase 30-days at a time or to purchase a semester pass to online personal training that will last for the duration of the current semester. For more information on pricing and both offerings, please click the Personal Training Prices button below. 

Click here for Personal Training Prices

Use the Registration for Personal Training Service button above. You can also register in person at the Eakin Student Recreation Center Main Office or CRW at Health Sciences Campus Student Center.

Now Offering: Styku 3D Body Scans!

The Styku is a 3D Body Scanner that will provide you with a 3D visual of your body composition and will calculate your body fat and lean mass percentages, circumference measurements, waist to hip ratio, and more!  

Styku 3D Body Scans are offered free of charge to all personal training clients and during fitness assessments. A Styku 3D Body Scan can also be purchased separately. Information on pricing can be found in the “Training Prices” tab. 

Refunds for personal training services will only be offered due to medical reasons and physician documentation is required. If you have any questions regarding this, please email prior to purchasing personal training sessions and a member of the Fitness team will get back to you.

For cancellation and refund requests, submit our Request Form.