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Embark on a journey with a vast array of programs tailored to champion healthy and active lifestyles. Our workshops, like treasures on a map, are designed for any group or crew seeking to enrich their members with delightful, inspiring, and valuable experiences. Here’s how we can be your trusty compass:

  • Seasoned Navigators: Our workshop leaders are both knowledgeable and spirited, guiding you with expertise.
  • Charting a Healthy Course: We advocate for well-being, teamwork, and clear communication within your ranks.
  • Diverse Ports of Call: We address a wide range of topics in a nurturing harbor.
  • Discovering New Horizons: Venture into recreational opportunities, meet your organization or Resident Hall’s needs and strengthen team bonds with our offerings.

Select from our ready-to-serve workshops or create a customized workshop utilizing the “Build Your Own Workshop” option on our request form.

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You should hear from us within two business days of your submittal. All programs are contingent on staffing and facility availability.