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Are you interested in having someone from Campus Recreation and Wellness to come and do a presentation or workshop for your residents, student organizations or academic class?

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Campus Recreation and Wellness offers programming designed to promote healthy, active lifestyles. These programs have been created for any group or organization looking to provide its members with fun, inspirational and valuable activities. We can assist you by:

  • Providing knowledgeable, high-energy workshop facilitators
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles, teamwork and communication within your organization.
  • Tackling a variety of topics in a supportive environment.

Experience recreational opportunities; fulfill program credits for your organization or Residence Hall; and promote team building by taking advantage of one of our programs.

Select from one of our ready-to-serve program models, or a custom build your event by completing the “Build Your Own Program” feature on our web site.

Or click HERE for more additional Health and Wellness information. 

Program Descriptions

Explore the following presentation options offered by CRW.  These programs promote well-being within all 5 Essential Elements of Well-Being and give students an opportunity to discover new ideas, explore what works for them, and live their best lives as they move forward here at ECU and beyond.

Mental Health & Stress Management

  •  Be Kind to Your Mind: Learn about the positive and negative effects of stress and tips for managing stress.
    • Essential Elements: Physical, Social Well-Being. Explore.
  • Mindful or Mind Full: Discover why you should start a mindfulness practice, how practicing mindfulness is beneficial, and tips for implementing a practice into your daily routine.
    • Essential Element: Physical Well-Being. Explore.

Sexual Health & Healthy Relationships

  •  K.I.S.S: Keep It Safe & Sexy: Learn about safe sex practices and how STIs are transmitted, diagnosed, and treated.
    • Essential Elements: Physical, Social Well-Being. Explore.
  • Bystander Intervention: Understand the contributing factors of power-based violence and the importance of being an active bystander. Provides proven methods to safely intervene.
    • Essential elements: Social, Community Well-Being. Explore.
  • Healthy Relationships: Learn the characteristics of a heathy relationship and how to set healthy boundaries.
    • Essential Element: Social Well-Being. Explore.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

  • Party Like a Pirate: Interactive program that teaches the effects of alcohol and other drugs, safe partying tips, and resources.
    • Essential Element: Physical Well-Being. Explore.


  • Pirates Thrive: Learn how to get the life you want and how improve overall well-being. Includes the 5 Elements of Well-Being. Participants will learn strategies to improve their well-being and how to thrive.
    • Essential Elements: Physical, Social, Community, Financial, Career. Discover. Explore. Live.
  • All Hands On Deck: Learn about Well-Being Coaching and why it matters to you. This presentation provides an overview of how ECU Well-being coaching can help students discover, explore, and live their best lives. Learn how to enroll to meet with a certified health coach.
    • 5 Essential Elements. Discover. Explore. Live.

How do I register for a program?

Click on the Program Request Form below.
Be prepared to provide the following information when you submit your online request

  • First and second choices for program dates
  • Preferred time and location (SRC Option)
  • Your name and contact information
  • Group name and projected number of participants

Requests should be made a minimum of two weeks prior to your desired program date.

You should hear from us within two business days of your submittal. All programs are contingent on staffing and facility availability. Call us at 252-328-4947 or e-mail Learn more about our programs we offer (pdf).