Challenge Course Programming

The ECU Challenge Course is designed for groups to come together in a positive environment that encourages personal growth and group development. We offer four challenge course programming options: field games and initiatives, the Low Ropes Course, the High Ropes Odyssey Course, and custom teambuilding. You may choose to customize these offerings to meet the needs of your group.

Groups have the option of reserving a 4-hour half-day, or 6–8-hour full day, of challenge course programming. For half-day programs, groups may choose either the Low Ropes Course option or the High Ropes Odyssey Course option. For full day programs, groups will spend half a day at the Low Ropes Course and the other half of the day at the High Ropes Odyssey Course.

Field Initiatives: Field games and initiatives build the base for the day and are included with every group reservation. This is the time for groups to get acquainted with their facilitators and embrace the power of play and our challenge by choice motto.

Low Ropes Course: The Low Ropes Course consists of manufactured elements that allow groups to work together to solve the “problem” presented by staff facilitators. Most of these course elements are located at ground level or are less than 18 inches high.

High Ropes Odyssey Course: The High Ropes Odyssey Course is a 30-foot-high structure combining the problem solving of the Low Ropes Course with the added challenge of navigating cables and platforms as a team unit. To end your time in the air you have the option of exiting on one of our 300-foot gravity zip lines.

Custom Teambuilding: Your group should choose this option if you would like us to plan a custom program around your specific goals. Traditionally, custom programs last anywhere from 1-6 hours, but we would love to work with you if you have unique needs. These programs can be held in an indoor setting, virtually or at the North Recreation Complex and are tailored to your group. These options are a ton of fun and tremendously productive for groups who do not have the flexibility in their schedules to participate in our standard programs.

Coming with an open mind and setting goals will be the keys to a successful day. Based on the desires of your group, we will choose a variety of activities that encourage you to meet your goals. Our Challenge Course programming focuses on building trust and leadership skills, improving participants’ ability to communicate, stimulating creative problem solving, collaborating in the face of constraints, and becoming aware of others and self. Regardless of the package you choose, we ask that you and your group challenge yourselves and expand your comfort zones to feel a sense of adventure and accomplishment. We are looking forward to planning an awesome teambuilding experience with you!

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