World Kindness Day!

Did you know that November 13th is actually an international holiday? 

It’s World Kindness Day! This holiday is celebrated by many countries around the world and dates back to a movement in Tokyo in 1998. This day holds a lot more weight than just the words in the name. As simple as it may seem, kindness can solve just about anything from a little argument to wars across nations; Kindness is the bridge that runs across all boundaries bringing people together! World Kindness Day is a special day meant to highlight the importance of being kind not only to others but to yourself as well. 

Why World Kindness? 

It’s no secret that it feels good on the inside when someone else is kind to us, but why? There are actually physical responses that our bodies experience around kindness that trigger the release of happy hormones and other beneficial chemicals. Both receiving AND giving acts of kindness have been shown to relieve stress, strengthen social connections, lower blood pressure and even boost your immune system. All of these benefits lead to increased longevity and improved quality of life as a whole. 

How do I celebrate World Kindness? 

The answer to this question is easier than you’d think… all it takes is an intentional act of kindness! There are many opportunities for us to be kind to one another in our everyday lives whether we are at school, work, or even just home with the family. We come into contact with more people than we realize in a day, and it’s not hard to offer an extra compliment or hold the door for a stranger. The smallest smile can make the biggest difference and we should all be more cognizant of that! 

Here are some small acts of kindness you could try today: 

  • Call a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while 
  • Pick up trash you see outside 
  • Pay for a stranger’s coffee 
  • Hold the door for someone 
  • Offer a compliment 
  • Ask a stranger about their day 
  • Give out flowers 
  • Deliver a sweet note 
  • Volunteer your assistance 

To learn more about World Kindness Day, click here.