New Year – Intention Setting

What is an intention? 

A few of you might be asking yourselves, “what is an intention?”. An intention is defined as having an aim or purpose to achieve a goal. By setting intentions we are taking the time to be mindful of our present moment and how we would like to grow for the future. As you read through ask yourself what type of intention you want to set for the New Year. 

Examples of Intention Setting:

  • Giving yourself grace and practicing gratitude
    • The practice of gratitude involves appreciating even the simplest things in the present moment, such as the basic automatic functioning of the body. Practicing gratitude has been reported to boost one’s energy, alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness, and sleep duration and quality. Try asking yourself what you are currently grateful for!
  • I will choose to trust my feelings
    • Trust is the attitude of trusting that the body will support its own life, that the breath will support itself, that the organs will continue to function, and that the mind and heart can heal and support themselves. The more you cultivate this mindful attitude of trust in your own being, the easier you will find it to trust other people more and to see their basic goodness as well. 
  • I will allow to make space for myself
    • Allowing is acknowledging what is present for you and allowing yourself to experience it rather than pushing it away. An allowing attitude gives space to your thoughts, feelings, or emotions. Take some time to make space for yourself. 

Upcoming Event: Intention-Setting Vision Boards 

  • Date & Time: January 31, 2024, from 6:00pm – 7:30pm 
  • Location: Eakin Student Recreation & Wellness Center, Classroom 202 
  • Come create your own vision board! Vision boards give you a direction for where you want to go in several areas of your life and help you visualize goals you want to achieve. This will be an opportunity for you to sit down and set positive intentions for the year 2024. We hope to see you there!