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CRW Dress Code Information

Please see attached documentation for the CRW dress code. If you have questions, please contact your supervisor. CRW Dress Code

Student Leadership Development Framework

CRW embodies 8 Leadership Competencies we feel each student should begin to acknowledge. CRW follow this Leadership Framework as a guide for assessment of leadership abilities.

Kronos Instructions

The following power point presentation are instructions on how to use the ECU payroll system Kronos. Kronos Introduction

Student Employee Manual

Student Employee Manual 2019

Student Employee Benefits

Hands-On Program Specific Training

Whether you are an Adventure Trip Leader, Aerobics Instructor, Lifeguard, Fitness Trainer, Referee, or Office Assistant, you will receive some of the best hands-on training in the industry. Depending on your intended career, this training can give you a huge “edge up” on the competition.

Career Development Training

It is important to us that our employees be successful in and out of the classroom. Therefore Campus Recreation and Wellness offers a variety of career development programs designed to further such skills as time management, resume writing, leadership skills, and other career oriented sessions. We partner with other ECU departments such as the Career Center and the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement to help our students be more successful in their college experience.

Our annual Leadership Training seminars will allow you the opportunity to learn about on the job issues like diversity at the University and in the workplace, risk management/emergency procedures, customer service techniques, and conflict resolutions.This leadership training will not only make you more valuable to our department and us; it will increase your future career marketability.

Flexible Schedules

Work schedules are fit around your academic schedule so you can always put your studies first.

Reduced Guest Passes

Employee guest passes are $5 instead of $10.

Pay Raises

Merit raises are based on longevity and performance evaluations. Please see your supervisor for specific details.

Semi-Monthly Paydays

Paychecks are direct deposited twice a month; one on the 15th and the other at the end of each month. Pay schedule may vary during the holiday season.


Discounted rates on instructional programs including Mind/Body (Check the ESRC Main Office for complete details)

CPR/AED & First Aid certification classes at a reduced rates

50% off Adventure outdoor equipment rentals and climbing wall fees