Podcast: Beyond The Lines Season 4

Season 4 – Intro. “There’s a whole world out there…”

Francesc Miralles once said, “There’s a whole world out there, even if I don’t understand it.” for the host of Beyond the Lines, Zoe Gabrielle, hearing this sentiment, provoked deeper thought and inquiry. In this week’s episode, Zoe welcomes audience members back with the declaration of finding inspiration, adventure, and new perspectives in the newest season. All while highlighting diversity, equality, inclusion, and the desire for change. Join us in this week’s episode as Zoe discusses the topics for upcoming events for ECU, fun anecdotes, and progressive topics.

Season 4 – Episode 2 “Where Does The Time Go?”

“Adulting”, a standardized test of life that some of us didn’t know how to study for. In this week’s episode of Beyond the Lines, Zoe Gabrielle gives us a glimpse into her life as she discusses her own hurdles of young adulthood while being neurodivergent. Zoe includes tips and tricks on how to improve time management and care for your neurodivergency loved one.

Oh “Where Does the Time Go?”, when life is moving too fast and you seem to struggle with making lemonade out of those pesky lemons that Life gave you. In this week’s episode Zoe Gabrielle tackles the topic of time management while spreading awareness on how neurodivergent can impact an individual’s everyday life. Zoe discloses her own experiences and provides insight on how to improve your daily tasks through accommodations, support from family & friends, and self-care. You won’t want to miss out on this week’s episode of Beyond the Lines.